bplant Privacy Policy

Tracking of website usage

We use Google analytics to collect information on your use of our site. This information is not tied to your user account if you have one. We do not share this information with anyone, and it is viewable only to our site admins.

Personal information in your user account

We will not share or reveal your email address; it is visible only to site admins. We do not store passwords, only a one-way cryptographic hash.

All other information you enter into this site may be displayed publicly unless otherwise specified.


When we accept donations directly through our site, we share your email with our payment processor(s) in order to identify you. In turn the payment processor shares with us information about amounts and dates of payments that went through and/or are declined. We store this information, but do not share any such information with anyone unless you choose to display some of it (such as the fact that you are a regular donor) on your profile. If donating through Liberapay, donations are anonymous and we do not store any information associated with your payments.

Contacting you

We may contact you by email or any other contact info you enter, in association with any issues that arise in your use of this site.

We send text-only emails and do not use any tracking technology to monitor who has opened emails. The only tracking info in our emails is in unsubscribe links, and this is only used to unsubscribe email addresses from our lists.