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Algonquin/Southern Laurentians

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About the Algonquin/Southern Laurentians

The Algonquin/Southern Laurentians extends roughly from the eastern shore of Lake Superior, east to the St. Lawrence River, north of Quebec City, QC, and from the north and northeastern shores of Lake Huron northward. Its northern border is not marked by any major cities or bodies of water throughout most of its length, but in the east it extends to just south of Saguenay, QC.

This region is underlain by the Canadian Shield, and has been shaped by glaciation. There are both outcroppings of underlying bedrock, and extensive glacial moraines. Elevations mostly range from 300-600 meters (~984-1969 feet), with some isolated summits reaching to 900-1,200 meters (2953-3937 ft.) Surface soils throughout are mostly podosols, the typical soils that form under most boreal forests. There are also some peaty or organic soils in bogs, mainly mesisols.