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Scientific NameCommon NameMap‡
Heuchera abramsii Rydb.San Gabriel Alumroot
Heuchera alba Rydb.White Alumroot
Heuchera alpestris Rosend., Butters & LakelaSan Bernardino Mountain Alumroot
Heuchera americana L.American alumroot
Heuchera bracteata (Torr.) Ser.Bracted Alumroot
Heuchera brevistaminea WigginsLaguna Mountain Alumroot
Heuchera caespitosa Eastw.Tufted Alumroot
Heuchera caroliniana (Rosend., Butters & Lakela) E.F. WellsCarolina Alumroot
Heuchera chlorantha PiperTall Alumroot
Heuchera cylindrica Douglas ex Hook.roundleaf alumroot
Heuchera duranii Bacig.hard alumroot
Heuchera eastwoodiae Rosend., Butters & LakelaSenator Mine Alumroot
Heuchera elegans Abramsurnflower alumroot
Heuchera flabellifolia Rydb.Bridger Mountain alumroot
Heuchera glabra Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.alpine heuchera
Heuchera glomerulata Rosend., Butters & LakelaChiricahua Mountain Alumroot
Heuchera grossulariifolia Rydb.gooseberryleaf alumroot
Heuchera hallii A. GrayFront Range Alumroot
Heuchera hirsutissima Rosend., Butters & LakelaShaggyhair Alumroot
Heuchera longiflora Rydb.Longflower Alumroot
Heuchera maxima GreeneJill Of The Rocks
Heuchera merriamii Eastw.Merriam's Alumroot
Heuchera micrantha Douglas ex Lindl.crevice alumroot
Heuchera novomexicana WheelockNew Mexico alumroot
Heuchera parishii Rydb.Mill Creek Alumroot
Heuchera parviflora BartlettLittleflower Alumroot
Heuchera parvifolia Nutt. ex Torr. & A. GrayLittleleaf Alumroot
Heuchera pilosissima Fisch. & C.A. Mey.seaside alumroot
Heuchera pubescens PurshDowny Alumroot
Heuchera pulchella Wooton & Standl.Sandia Mountain Alumroot
Heuchera richardsonii R. Br.Richardson's Alumroot
Heuchera rubescens Torr.Pink Alumroot
Heuchera sanguinea Engelm.coralbells
Heuchera villosa Michx.Hairy Alumroot
Heuchera woodsiaphila P.J. AlexanderCapitan Mountains Alumroot
Heuchera wootonii Rydb.White Mountain Alumroot

Page 1 of 1 page with 36 plants.

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