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Biota of North America Project (BONAP)

Website: http://bonap.org/

The Biota of North America Project (BONAP) is a non-profit organization that has undertaken the project of recording the distribution of all plants in North America.

BONAP maintains the North American Plant Atlas (NAPA) which was published in 2014. NAPA contains county-level distribution maps of most plant species recorded in North America. In most cases these maps have greater accuracy than those published by the USDA, and represent the most detailed *and* most accurate range maps for plants in the USA, available anywhere on the web.

These maps address many of the specific shortcomings of the USDA's maps, including listing additional populations of plants not recorded by the USDA, and introducing the distinction between plants native to a certain locality in North America but introduced or adventive in others, a distinction the USDA almost never makes. Other limitations however persist, including under-reported county-level data for the state of Maryland (improved, but not fully addressed) and lacking anything finer than province-level data for Canada.

We link each of our plant articles to BONAP's county-level range map when such a map exists. Besides the maps there is additional information available on BONAP's website, including a map key on how to interpret the maps.

The organization also maintains a botanical garden in Chapel Hill, NC. The garden is generally closed to the public, except for scheduled tours.