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The Wood Database

A database with in-depth descriptions of the wood of different tree species, created and maintained by Eric Meier.

Website: https://www.wood-database.com

The Wood Database is a database intended to be a master resource on different types of wood. The site is run by Eric Meier.

The Wood Database usually separates wood by individual species, thus giving much more detail than is typically provided even in the lumber industry, where different species are typically lumped together into groups and sold generically.

For each type of wood, there is a catalogue of its physical properties as well as written summaries of both its workability and durability, and also its availability and price. The site also summarizes how wood tends to be sold, including the broad categories used in the lumber industry, and which species tend to be lumped under broad categories. There is also discussion of different grades or qualities of wood from a particular species, and their different properties, price, and availability.

There are also extensive photos, showing both raw and finished wood, and in some cases also showing cross-sections and endgrain.

The site also has some commentary and discussion from users.

Overall this website is an unparallelled resource for information about wood.