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Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora

Website: https://vaplantatlas.org

The Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora, which can be referred to concisely by its domain vaplantatlas.org, is a website and online database of vascular plants in the wild in Virginia. It is an online successor to the Atlas of the Virginia Flora, which itself is an online version of the Flora of Virginia Project, which was originally published in book form between 1977 and 1992.

We have found the this website to be the most accurate and up-to-date resource for plant distribution in the state of Virginia. It has county-level maps that are larger and more readable than BONAP's maps for Virginia (which has some of the smallest counties of any state, especially in the east of the state in a region where county-level plant distribution is highly relevant.) The maps also denote uncertainty, with some plants showing uncertainty as to their native vs. introduced status in some counties.

The site also has concise but useful information on plants habitats in the state, and in many cases has additional information in an open-ended comments field. In addition it has one of the more comprehensive listings of common names for a large number of plants, and also lists scientific synonyms, although not exhaustively.

For many plants, there is also a collection of photographs, although the photographs tend not to have open licensing, nor do they contain or link to any location data.