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Illinois Wildflowers

A website focusing on wildflowers but also including some other plants in Illinois. Run by John Hilty.

Website: https://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/

Illinois Wildflowers is a website maintained by John Hilty. Although the name suggests a focus on wildflowers, and the bulk of the pages are on wildflowers, the site is surprisingly comprehensive, also covering grasses and sedges, trees, shrubs, woody vines, and even mosses and liverworts.

The site has some of the most detailed articles on plant ecology available anywhere. For each plant, there is separate discussion of the plant's preferences when grown in cultivation, and its habitat in the wild. There are also detailed sections on faunal associations.

When consulting this resource, if you live outside Illinois, keep in mind that as detailed as it is, it is focused on the state of Illinois, and as such, it may not accurately describe a plant's ecology, growing needs, or faunal relationships in other areas.

In addition to the plant articles, the site also has a useful glossary, a list of references, and several lists of insect-plant associations as well as vertebrate-plant associations.