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Virginia Tech Dendrology Factsheets

Pages on plant identification maintained as part of Virginia Tech's Dendrology class, but freely available to the public.

Website: http://dendro.cnre.vt.edu/dendrology/factsheets.cfm

The Virginia Tech Dendrology Factsheets are a series of resources maintained by Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources and Environment for their Dendrology Class. Although the factsheets were created primarily for coursework, they are available to the public and represent one of the best resources for rigorous tree identification in the Eastern United States, covering over 1,000 species.

On each page you will find a series of photographs of the species, carefully chosen to illustrate key ID characteristics. There are also written descriptions of each species, covering different attributes such as leaves, flowers, twigs, bark, flowers, fruit, and shape or form. Each page notes the most commonly-confused or visually-similar species, linking to them.

The pages are also interlinked with numerous other plant databases, including the USDA PLANTS database, the FEIS profiles, and various others.