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Beadle Oak (Quercus ×beadlei)

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Beadle Oak


An uncommon, naturally-occurring hybrid of white oak and swamp chestnut oak.

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This species is uncommon enough that it is difficult to assess its habitat preferences. However it has occurred in as disparate locations as four counties in the Mid-Atlantic, three in southern Illinois, and one each in southeastern Missouri, east Texas, coastal North Carolina, and the Florida panhandle.

It is usually found on well-drained sites in bottomlands, or sheltered coves, on sites that are consistently moist, but flood less often than sites where Quercus michauxii occurs.


Occasionally used in landscaping, where it is valued for faster growth than Quercus alba, large acorn production, and tolerance of a wide range of conditions.

Quercus ×beadlei (Beadle oak) | USDA PLANTS Database (About This Site)

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