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Mountain Pink (Zeltnera beyrichii (Torr.) G.Mans.)

Also known as quinineweed, quinine weed, rock centaury; also classified as Centaurium beyrichii (Torr. & A. Gray ex Torr.) B.L. Rob..

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This map is based on our research. We have checked its accuracy to Level 3 ecoregions. Although this plant occurs somewhere in each of these regions, it may only occur in a small part of some or all of them.


We recommend avoiding the use of the common name "rock centaury" both because it can be confused with plants of the Cheirolophus genus, and because this species has been moved out of the Centaurium genus, associated with the common name "Centaury", and reclassified into the Zeltnera genus by most authorities.

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