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Golden Clematis (Clematis tangutica (Maxim.) Korsh.)

Also known as orange-peel clematis, golden tiara clematis, golden-bell clematis.

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Golden Clematis
Photo © MandarinDuck008, CC BY 4.0.


A vine with showy yellow flowers, native to Asia, but with invasive potential in North America, particularly in the northwest.

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This map is based on our research. We have checked its accuracy to Level 3 ecoregions. Although this plant occurs somewhere in each of these regions, it may only occur in a small part of some or all of them.

This species, native to Central Asia through west and central China, is widely planted in gardens in the northern portions of North America. It has only escaped into the wild in the northwest. The disjoint range reflects this species primarily establishing around cities and towns, which are sparse in this part of the continent.


Because this species is in the early stages of establishing in the wild in most parts of North America, the most effective method of control is to avoid selling, distributing, or planting this species, and to remove it from gardens where it occurs. Numerous native clematis species exist as alternatives.


This species is widely planted in gardens and numerous cultivars exist. We recommend against planting it especially in Central to Western Canada and Alaska because it has repeatedly escaped cultivation and established in the wild there.

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Photo © Alec McClay, CC BY 4.0.
Photo © MandarinDuck008, CC BY 4.0.