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Hawkins Oak (Quercus ×hawkinsiae Sudw.)

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A hybrid of northern red oak and black oak.

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Native or Not Present

This map is based on our research. We have checked its accuracy to Level 3 ecoregions. Although this plant occurs somewhere in each of these regions, it may only occur in a small part of some or all of them.

Description & Identification

Because the two parent species are so similar and already hard to identify in some circumstances, this hybrid may be more common than reported.


As these hybrids are uncommonly reported, not a lot is known about their habitat preferences. Northern red oak and black oak both have fairly broad habitat preferences with significant overlap, with northern red oak preferring slightly cooler, moister sites, so presumably this hybrid would do well in the range of habitat where these two species overlap.

Reported at scattered locations from Missouri and Iowa northeast through Western Maine, which cover most of the northern portions of where the two parent species overlap; however, not reported from the southern parts of these species' range. Most abundant near the southern end of Lake Michigan.

Life Cycle

Trees seem to have the full vigor of both parents and have been recorded reaching similar heights and having similar lifespans.

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