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Ecoregions of Arizona

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Map Legend & Subregion List

This list will help you navigate the regions in case you have problems with viewing or clicking the interactive map above.

NameColor on Map
Eastern Mojave Low Ranges and Arid Footslopes
Eastern Mojave Mountain Woodland and Shrubland
Arid Valleys and Canyonlands
Sand Deserts
Arid Canyonlands
Cold Desert Sagebrush-Grasslands
Hualapai/Coconino Woodlands
Chinle Valley and Mesas
Virgin/Shivwits Woodland
Kaibito/Moenkopi Sandy Plateaus
Marble Platform
Chino/Coconino Grasslands and Shrubsteppe
Madrean Lower Montane Woodlands
Montane Conifer Forests
San Juan/Chaco Tablelands and Mesas
Arizona/New Mexico Subalpine Forests
Conifer Woodlands and Savannas
Lower Mogollon Transition
Northern Woodlands and Sagebrush
Mogollon Transition Conifer Forests
Semiarid Tablelands
Apachian Valleys and Low Hills
Lower Madrean Woodlands
Madrean Pine-Oak and Mixed Conifer Forests
Madrean Basin Grasslands
Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Mountains
Lower Colorado/Lower Gila River Valleys
Arizona Upland/Eastern Sonoran Mountains
Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Basins
Arizona Upland/Eastern Sonoran Basins
Sonoran Lava Fields
Eastern Mojave Basins
Mojave Playas
Lower Grand Canyon
Montane and Subalpine Grasslands
Semiarid Benchlands and Canyonlands
Dinetah Tablelands
Northeast Arizona Shrub-Grasslands
Little Colorado Valley/Painted Desert
Mesa Highlands
Hopi Buttes
Uinkaret/Aubrey Montane Conifer Forest
Grand Canyon
Arizona Strip Plateaus
Sunset Crater Volcanics
Chihuahuan Basins and Playas
Low Mountains and Bajadas
Sand Hills/Sand Dunes
Willcox Playa
Gila/Salt Intermediate Basins
Middle Gila/Salt River Floodplains

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