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Ecoregions of California

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Map Legend & Subregion List

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NameColor on Map
Sierra Nevada-Influenced Semiarid Hills and Basins
Upper Owens Valley
Sierra Nevada-Influenced High Elevation Mountains
Sierra Nevada-Influenced Ranges
Tonopah Basin
Eastern Mojave Low Ranges and Arid Footslopes
Eastern Mojave Basins
Eastern Mojave Mountain Woodland and Shrubland
Arid Valleys and Canyonlands
Mojave Playas
Western Mojave Basins
Amargosa Desert
Western Mojave Low Ranges and Arid Footslopes
Death Valley/Mojave Central Trough
Western Mojave Mountain Woodland and Shrubland
Mojave Lava Fields
Fort Bragg/Fort Ross Terraces
Coastal Lowlands
Point Reyes/Farallon Islands
Santa Cruz Mountains
San Mateo Coastal Hills
High Southern Cascades Montane Forest
Low Southern Cascades Mixed Conifer Forest
Sierran Alpine
Northern Sierra Subalpine Forests
Northeastern Sierra Mixed Conifer-Pine Forests
Northern Sierra Upper Montane Forests
Eastern Sierra Mojavean Slopes
Southern Sierra Upper Montane Forests
Central Sierra Mid-Montane Forests
Central Sierra Lower Montane Forests
Southern Sierra Subalpine Forests
Temblor Range/Elk Hills
Tehama Terraces
Foothill Ridges and Valleys
North Coast Range Eastern Slopes
Western Valley Foothills/Dunnigan Hills
Mayacmas Mountains
Napa-Sonoma-Lake Volcanic Highlands
Marin Hills
Bay Flats
San Francisco Peninsula
Bay Terraces/Lower Santa Clara Valley
Upper Santa Clara Valley
Monterey Bay Plains and Terraces
Western Klamath Low Elevation Forests
Rogue/Illinois/Scott Valleys
Eastern Klamath Montane Forests
Western Klamath Montane Forests
Eastern Klamath Low Elevation Forests
Klamath Subalpine
Duzel Rock
Outer North Coast Ranges
High North Coast Ranges
Northern Terraces
North Valley Alluvium
Southern Hardpan Terraces
Butte Sink/Sutter and Colusa Basins
Sacramento/Feather Riverine Alluvium
Yolo Alluvial Fans
San Joaquin Basin
Manteca/Merced Alluvium
Westside Alluvial Fans and Terraces
Granitic Alluvial Fans and Terraces
Panoche and Cantua Fans and Basins
Tulare Basin/Fresno Slough
Southern Clayey Basins
Pluvial Lake Basins
Sand Hills/Sand Dunes
Western Sonoran Mountains
Upper Coachella Valley and Hills
Imperial/Lower Coachella Valleys
Lower Colorado/Lower Gila River Valleys
Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Mountains
Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Basins
Santa Barbara Coastal Plain and Terraces
Oxnard Plain and Valleys
Venturan-Angeleno Coastal Hills
Los Angeles Plain
Diegan Coastal Terraces
Diegan Coastal Hills and Valleys
Diegan Western Granitic Foothills
Northern Channel Islands
Southern Channel Islands
Inland Valleys
Inland Hills
Santa Ana Mountains
Western Transverse Range Lower Montane Shrub and Woodland
Arid Montane Slopes
Southern California Lower Montane Shrub and Woodland
Southern California Montane Conifer Forest
Northern Transverse Range
Klamath Juniper Woodland/Devils Garden
Klamath/Goose Lake Basins
Pit River Valleys
Shasta Valley
Warner Mountains
Mono-Adobe Valleys
Sierra Valley
Bishop Volcanic Tableland
Lahontan and Tonopah Playas
Tonopah Sagebrush Foothills
Mesquite Flat/Badwater Basin
Mojave Sand Dunes
Western Mojave High Elevation Mountains
Northern Franciscan Redwood Forest
King Range/Mattole Basin
Coastal Franciscan Redwood Forest
Serpentine Siskiyous
Inland Siskiyous
Coastal Siskiyous
Klamath River Ridges
Border High-Siskiyous
Cascade Subalpine/Alpine
California Cascades Eastside Conifer Forest
Southern Cascades Foothills
Western Sonoran Mountain Woodland and Shrubland
Western Sonoran Basins
Eastern Sierra Great Basin Slopes
Northern Sierra Mid-Montane Forests
Northern Sierra Lower Montane Forests
Southern Sierra Mid-Montane Forests
Southern Sierra Lower Montane Forest and Woodland
Tehachapi Mountains
Santa Lucia Coastal Forest and Woodland
Interior Santa Lucia Range
Southern Santa Lucia Range
Paso Robles Hills and Valleys
Salinas-Cholame Hills
Eastern Hills
Pleasant Valley/Kettleman Plain
Tuscan Flows
Upper Sacramento River Alluvium
Grapevine Transition
Tehachapi Foothills
Cuyama Valley
Carrizo Plain
Caliente Range
Northern Sierran Foothills
Solomon-Purisima-Santa Ynez Hills
Santa Maria/Santa Ynez Valleys
Southern Sierran Foothills
Camanche Terraces
Clear Lake Hills and Valleys
Napa-Sonoma-Russian River Valleys
Sonoma-Mendocino Mixed Forest
Bodega Coastal Hills
Suisun Terraces and Low Hills
East Bay Hills/Western Diablo Range
Salinas Valley
Northern Santa Lucia Range
Livermore Hills and Valleys
Leeward Hills
Gabilan Range
Diablo Range
Sonoran Playas
Marble/Salmon Mountains-Trinity Alps
Scott Mountains
Sutter Buttes
Yolo/American Basin
Stockton Basin
Lodi Alluvium
Kern Terraces
South Valley Alluvium
Antelope Plain
Semiarid Uplands
High Lava Plains
Southern California Subalpine/Alpine
Arizona Upland/Eastern Sonoran Mountains
Morena/Boundary Mountain Chaparral
Western Transverse Range Montane Forest
Fremont Pine/Fir Forest
Southern Cascades Slope
Likely Tableland
Modoc/Lassen Juniper-Shrub Hills and Mountains
Adin/Horsehead Mountains Forest and Woodland
High Elevation Warner Mountains
Adin/Dixie Low Hills
Modoc Lava Flows and Buttes
Old Cascades

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