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Ecoregions of Mississippi

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Map Legend & Subregion List

This list will help you navigate the regions in case you have problems with viewing or clicking the interactive map above.

NameColor on Map
Blackland Prairie
Flatwoods/Blackland Prairie Margins
Southern Hilly Gulf Coastal Plain
Southern Pine Plains and Hills
Fall Line Hills
Southeastern Floodplains and Low Terraces
Transition Hills
Northern Pleistocene Valley Trains
Northern Backswamps
Northern Holocene Meander Belts
Western Lowlands Pleistocene Valley Trains
Southern Holocene Meander Belts
Southern Backswamps
Bluff Hills
Gulf Coast Flatwoods
Floodplains and Low Terraces
Northern Hilly Gulf Coastal Plain
Buhrstone/Lime Hills
Jackson Prairie
Gulf Barrier Islands and Coastal Marshes
Loess Plains
Southern Rolling Plains

† Status: ✓ = Complete ○ = Needs Image … = Incomplete ∅ = Stub Only


Partially Complete
With Images
Complete w/ Images

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