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Ecoregions of Oregon

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Map Legend & Subregion List

This list will help you navigate the regions in case you have problems with viewing or clicking the interactive map above.

NameColor on Map
Umatilla Plateau
Pleistocene Lake Basins
Yakima Folds
Canyons and Dissected Highlands
Deep Loess Foothills
Blue Mountain Basins
Wallowas/Seven Devils Mountains
Mesic Forest Zone
Canyons and Dissected Uplands
Continental Zone Highlands
Continental Zone Foothills
Subalpine-Alpine Zone
Deschutes River Valley
Treasure Valley
Coastal Lowlands
Coastal Uplands
Cowlitz/Chehalis Foothills
Willamette River and Tributaries Gallery Forest
Prairie Terraces
Valley Foothills
Western Cascades Montane Highlands
Cascade Crest Montane Forest
High Southern Cascades Montane Forest
Umpqua Interior Foothills
Dissected High Lava Plateau
Pluvial Lake Basins
High Desert Wetlands
Semiarid Uplands
Salt Shrub Valleys
Klamath Juniper Woodland/Devils Garden
Klamath/Goose Lake Basins
Warner Mountains
John Day/Clarno Highlands
Deschutes/John Day Canyons
Maritime-Influenced Zone
Umatilla Dissected Uplands
John Day/Clarno Uplands
Cold Basins
Unwooded Alkaline Foothills
Cascade Subalpine/Alpine
Willapa Hills
Mid-Coastal Sedimentary
Southern Oregon Coastal Mountains
Northern Franciscan Redwood Forest
Portland/Vancouver Basin
Serpentine Siskiyous
Inland Siskiyous
Coastal Siskiyous
Klamath River Ridges
Border High-Siskiyous
Western Cascades Lowlands and Valleys
Low Southern Cascades Mixed Conifer Forest
Barren Playas
Rogue/Illinois/Scott Valleys
Oak Savanna Foothills
High Lava Plains
Owyhee Uplands and Canyons
Partly Forested Mountains
Pumice Plateau Basins
Grand Fir Mixed Forest
Oak/Conifer Foothills
Ponderosa Pine/Bitterbrush Woodland
Pumice Plateau
Fremont Pine/Fir Forest
Southern Cascades Slope
Old Cascades

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