bplant.org Financial Statement: 2021

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Income / Revenue

In 2021 we raised a total of $1553.01 from 14 donors (or perhaps fewer if anonymous and non-anonymous donors overlap). This represented donations of $1007.76 from 9 anonymous donors through Liberapay and $600 from a total of 5 donors through our new direct donation system, minus $54.75 in payment processing fees, which amounted to 3.4% of total payments.

We are pleased to announce that both our number of donors, and the amount of donations, more than doubled over last year, and our percentage of payment processing fees also decreased slightly!


bplant.org's expenditures are low, due to piggypacking on the infrastructure for the other websites run by Merit Exchange LLC, which include RateTea, 31et.com, and several others.

The only dedicated cost for the year, specific to bplant.org, is $20.17, paid to our domain registrar and cloud hosting provider. Also including our newly upgraded server, which is a shared cost, but one that we took on due to the additional traffic demands of visitors to bplant.org, would add an additonal $68.69.

Thank you!

Thank you to the early donors who supported us in 2021! We hope to keep up the great momentum going into 2023.