bplant.org Financial Statement: 2022

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Income / Revenue

In 2022 we raised a total of $4,333.57 through donations and also brought in $300 through custom data exports, for total revenue of $4,633.57.

Our donation total represents $200 in check donations, and $4,279.75 in online donations, minus $146.18 in payment processing fees and adjustments (a rate of about 3.4%.) These donations include 38 named donors through our direct donation system, one check donor, and 4 anonymous donors through Liberapay. The Liberapay donations raised $196.71, reflecting $206 minus $7.25 in processing fees and $2.04 in refunds, figures which are included in our previously given totals. Assuming the anonymous donors do not overlap, we had 43 donors.

We are pleased to announce that our total revenue nearly tripled during 2022, and our number of donors more than tripled!

While this is fantastic news, we remind you that we are still a long way from paying a single full-time living wage. bplant.org has no sources of revenue or financial support other than those summarized on this page, and has been constructed and maintained primarily as a volunteer effort. We would really like to be able to pay a living wage for at least one, ideally multiple people on a staff.


bplant.org's expenditures remain low, relying on the infrastructure for the other websites run by Merit Exchange LLC, including RateTea, 31et.com, and several others. However, our costs have increased slightly due to inflation, and as bplant.org grows, the portion of total infrastructure usage by this website has grown considerably.

The only dedicated cost specific to bplant.org is $26.13 for our domain registrar and cloud host provider. We have also given $62.42 to iNaturalist, which we heavily rely on for multiple purposes, including as a source of open-licensed images, a tool to research plant distribution, and for its social and community features to converse about plant ID, range, and other aspects of ecology.

All remaining funds go to compensate Alex Zorach for their work on the site. Unfortunately we are still far from paying Alex a living wage, but they do greatly appreciate the current level of support!

Thank you!

Thank you to the early donors who supported us in 2022! We hope to keep up the great momentum going into 2024.