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Canada Hawkweed (Hieracium umbellatum L.)

Also known as narrowleaf hawkweed, Canadian hawkweed, northern hawkweed; also classified as Hieracium kalmii L..

POWO, BONAP, and ITIS have all merged Hieracium kalmii L. into this taxon, with POWO and ITIS recognizing it specifically as ssp. umbellatum whereas BONAP does not recognize any subspecies. The name H. kalmii was used inconsistently; the USDA used it to refer to populations with a more restricted range in North America, not including the southernmost or westernmost populations in the US, nor any of the ones in Canada. However, Gobotany, which still recognizes it as a separate species, uses it to refer to a primarily northern species that it calls "Canada Hawkweed".

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