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Cypress Uplands

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About the Cypress Uplands

The Cypress Uplands are an isolated region of higher-elevation hills rising out of the flat landscape of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan.

This region's climate has a subarctic climate with influences of a humid continental climate. The climate is both colder and wetter than that of the surroundings. Rainfall gradually increases with elevation.

The lower elevations in this region are more intensively utilized, with free-range livestock grazing being the dominant land use; there are small amounts of cropland that produce cereal grains. The higher-elevation, forested areas are utilized for recreation and hunting. There are some towns around the lower-elevation borders of this region, the largest of which is Eastend, Saskatchewan, located along the Frenchman river. The only town in the more central, forested area is Elkwater, AB which has under 100 people. The Nekaneet Reserve of the Nekaneet Cree Nation is also located here.

This region is entirely surrounded by the West-Central Semi-Arid Prairies, a lower-elevation, flatter, more arid region dominated by grassland. The border is not necessarily well-defined as the terrain slopes up gradually into this region.