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Northwestern Glaciated Plains

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Map Legend & Subregion List

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NameColor on MapEPA Code‡
Missouri Coteau42a
Collapsed Glacial Outwash42b
Miissouri Coteau Slope42c
Northern Missouri Coteau42d
Southern Missouri Coteau42e
Southern Missouri Coteau Slope42f
Ponca Plains42g
Southern River Breaks42h
Glaciated Dark Brown Prairie42i
Glaciated Northern Grasslands42j
Coteau Lakes Upland42k
Sweetgrass Uplands42l
Cherry Patch Moraines42m
Milk River Pothole Upland42n
North Central Brown Glaciated Plains42o
Holt Tablelands42p
Rocky Mountain Front Foothill Potholes42q
Foothill Grassland42r

† Status: ✓ = Complete ○ = Needs Image … = Incomplete ∅ = Stub Only

This code refers to the US EPA's Level 4 ecoregion codes for the continental U.S., see here.


Partially Complete
With Images
Complete w/ Images

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Warning! This region extends outside the continental US. We have only built range maps for the portion of plant ranges in the continental US; these lists and searches may thus have major omissions for species which only occur in the portion of this region outside the continental US.