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Scientific NameCommon NameMap‡
Verbesina alternifolia (L.) Britton ex KearneyWingstem
Verbesina occidentalis (L.) WalterYellow Crownbeard
Vernonia gigantea (Walter) Trel.Giant Ironweed
Vernonia glauca (L.) Willd.Broadleaf Ironweed
Vernonia noveboracensis (L.) Michx.New York Ironweed
Veronica americana Schwein. ex Benth.American Speedwell
Veronica peregrina L.neckweed
Veronica scutellata L.Skullcap Speedwell
Veronicastrum virginicum (L.) Farw.Culver's Root
Viburnum acerifolium L.Mapleleaf Viburnum
Viburnum dentatum L.Southern Arrowwood
Viburnum lantanoides Michx.Hobblebush
Viburnum lentago L.Nannyberry
Viburnum nudum L.possumhaw
Viburnum prunifolium L.Blackhaw
Viburnum rafinesqueanum Schult.Downy Arrowwood
Viburnum recognitum FernaldSmooth Arrowwood
Viburnum trilobum American Cranberrybush
Vicia americana Muhl. ex Willd.American vetch
Vicia caroliniana WalterCarolina vetch
Viola √óbernardii (Greene) GreeneBernard Violet
Viola affinis Lecontesand violet
Viola bicolor Purshfield pansy
Viola blanda Willd.sweet white violet
Viola brittoniana PollardNorthern Coastal Violet
Viola canadensis L.Canadian white violet
Viola cucullata AitonMarsh Blue Violet
Viola hirsutula Brainerdsouthern woodland violet
Viola labradorica Schrankalpine violet
Viola lanceolata L.bog white violet
Viola macloskeyi Lloydsmall white violet
Viola palmata L.Early Blue Violet
Viola pedata L.birdfoot violet
Viola primulifolia Primrose-leaf Violet
Viola pubescens Aitondowny yellow violet
Viola rostrata Purshlongspur violet
Viola rotundifolia Michx.roundleaf yellow violet
Viola sagittata Aitonarrowleaf violet
Viola septentrionalis GreeneNorthern Woodland Violet
Viola sororia Willd.Common Blue Violet
Viola striata Aitonstriped cream violet
Vitis aestivalis Michx.summer grape
Vitis cinerea (Engelm.) Engelm. ex Millardgraybark grape
Vitis labrusca L.Fox Grape
Vitis rupestris Scheelesand grape
Vitis vulpina L.frost grape
Vittaria appalachiana Farrar & MickelAppalachian Shoestring Fern
Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb.sixweeks fescue
Waldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Tratt.Appalachian Barren Strawberry
Wolffia borealis (Engelm. ex Hegelm.) Landolt ex Landolt & Wildinorthern watermeal
Wolffia brasiliensis WeddellBrazilian watermeal
Wolffia columbiana Karst.Columbian watermeal
Woodsia ilvensis (L.) R. Br.rusty woodsia
Woodsia obtusa (Spreng.) Torr.bluntlobe cliff fern
Woodwardia areolata (L.) T. Moorenetted chainfern
Woodwardia virginica (L.) Sm.Virginia chainfern
Xanthium strumarium L.rough cocklebur
Xyris difformis Chapm.Bog Yelloweyed Grass
Xyris fimbriata ElliottFringed Yelloweyed Grass
Xyris torta Sm.slender yelloweyed grass
Yucca filamentosa L.Adam's Needle and Thread
Zannichellia palustris L.Horned Pondweed
Zanthoxylum americanum Mill.common pricklyash
Zizania aquatica L.Annual Wildrice
Zizia aptera (A. Gray) FernaldHeart-Leaf Golden Alexander
Zizia aurea (L.) W.D.J. KochGolden Alexanders

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