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Red Pine vs Scots Pine

These species are sometimes confused because they both have reddish bark, but they can be easily distinguished by their needles, and there are also differences in bark and form.

Red Pine (Pinus resinosa)

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

A strikingly-colored pine with relatively short, blue-green needles, often showing orange-red bark towards the top of the tree. Native to northern Europe and Siberia, and introduced to North America where it has established wild populations in numerous locations.
Needles green, much longer: about 4.5-6 inches (11-15cm) in length. Fresh needles are rigid and break easily if snapped.
Photo © Laura Gaudette, CC BY 4.0.
Needles bluish, much shorter: about 1-2.5 inches (3-6cm) in length.
Photo © Jordi M-R, CC BY 4.0.
Reddish color of bark subtle, but consistent: base of trunk is as red as the top.
Photo © Doug Goldman, CC BY 4.0.
Bark becomes more reddish-orange towards the top of the tree. Hue is more orangeish than red pine. Color more intense than red pine at top. Bark of mature trees often gray at the bottom.
Photo © ??????? ???????????, CC BY 4.0.