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Hoary Mock Orange (Philadelphus pubescens Loisel.)

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Native or Not Present
Introduced or Not Present
Native or Expanded
Expanded or Not Present
Native or Expanded or Not Present

This tentative map is based on our own research. It may have limited data on Canada and/or Mexico, and there is some subjectivity in our assignment of plants as introduced vs. expanded. Read more in this blog post.

This species has established in new regions largely from garden escapes. We chose to mark the portion in Wyoming as introduced because it is isolated from the rest of the populations by large regions probably too arid for this species to survive in. The remainder of the populations we marked expanded because, even if there are only spotty introductions, they exist within more humid regions where this species theoretically could find suitable habitat, and the distances involved are much shorter. Both of these classifications are subjective and this species could perhaps be marked expanded or introduced anywhere in its new range.