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Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa Hance)

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Kousa Dogwood


An East Asian species widely planted in North America and established in the wild at a few locations outside of New York City.

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In its native range in East Asia, this species is found at low elevations of mountains, such as in valleys and along streams, towards the warmer end of the temperate zone. It prefers sites that are well-drained but moist, and is intolerant of drought or clay soils.

The habitat requirements of this species in North America are not well-known. However, it has primarily become established in relatively flat, low-elevation regions near the Atlantic ocean.


Widely planted in landscaping in North America, where it is valued for its showy flowers, bark, and fruit, being relatively easy to grow, and being resistant to both deer browsing and dogwood anthracnose, which hits the similar-looking flowering dogwood (Cornus florida).

Although this plant is still widely sold and planted, we recommend against planting this plant as it has become established in the wild and may have invasive potential. Dogwood anthracnose has become less common in recent years, so one of the main motivators behind planting this species is less of an issue now.

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