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Scientific NameCommon NameMap‡
Vicia cracca L.bird vetch
Vicia faba L.fava bean
Vicia hassei S. WatsonHasse's vetch
Vicia hirsuta (L.) Graytiny vetch
Vicia ludoviciana Nutt.Louisiana vetch
Vicia lutea L.smooth yellow vetch
Vicia nigricans Hook. & Arn.black vetch
Vicia sativa L.garden vetch
Vicia tetrasperma (L.) Schreb.lentil vetch
Vicia villosa Rothwinter vetch
Vinca major L.Bigleaf Periwinkle
Viola adunca Sm.hookedspur violet
Viola arvensis MurrayEuropean field pansy
Viola bakeri GreeneBaker's violet
Viola beckwithii Torr. & A. GrayBeckwith's Violet
Viola californica M.S. BakerCalifornia Violet
Viola cuneata S. WatsonWedgeleaf Violet
Viola douglasii Steud.Douglas' golden violet
Viola glabella Nutt.pioneer violet
Viola hallii A. GrayOregon Violet
Viola howellii A. GrayHowell's violet
Viola lanceolata L.bog white violet
Viola langsdorffii Fisch. ex GinginsAleutian violet
Viola lobata Benth.Pine Violet
Viola macloskeyi Lloydsmall white violet
Viola nephrophylla Greenenorthern bog violet
Viola ocellata Torr. & A. Graypinto violet
Viola odorata L.sweet violet
Viola orbiculata Geyer ex Holz.darkwoods violet
Viola palustris L.marsh violet
Viola pedunculata Torr. & A. GrayJohnny-jump-up
Viola pinetorum Greenegoosefoot yellow violet
Viola praemorsa Douglas ex Lindl.canary violet
Viola purpurea Kellogggoosefoot violet
Viola sempervirens Greeneevergreen violet
Viola sheltonii Torr.Shelton's violet
Vitis californica Benth.California wild grape
Vitis vinifera L.wine grape
Vulpia bromoides (L.) Graybrome fescue
Vulpia microstachys (Nutt.) Munrosmall fescue
Vulpia myuros (L.) C.C. Gmel.annual fescue
Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb.sixweeks fescue
Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill.Bulbil Bugle-Lily
Whipplea modesta Torr.common whipplea
Wolffia borealis (Engelm. ex Hegelm.) Landolt ex Landolt & Wildinorthern watermeal
Wolffia brasiliensis WeddellBrazilian watermeal
Wolffia columbiana Karst.Columbian watermeal
Woodsia oregana D.C. EatonOregon cliff fern
Woodsia scopulina D.C. EatonRocky Mountain woodsia
Wyethia angustifolia (DC.) Nutt.California compassplant
Wyethia glabra A. GrayCoast Range mule-ears
Wyethia helenioides (DC.) Nutt.whitehead mule-ears
Wyethia longicaulis A. GrayHumboldt Mule-Ears
Wyethia mollis A. Graywoolly mule-ears
Xanthium spinosum L.spiny cocklebur
Xanthium strumarium L.rough cocklebur
Xerophyllum tenax (Pursh) Nutt.common beargrass
Yabea microcarpa (Hook. & Arn.) Koso-Pol.false carrot
Yosemitea repanda (S.Watson) P.J.Alexander & WindhamYosemite Rockcress
Zannichellia palustris L.Horned Pondweed
Zantedeschia aethiopica (L.) Spreng.calla lily
Zea mays L.corn
Zeltnera exaltata (Griseb.) G.Mans.Desert Centaury
Zeltnera muehlenbergii (Griseb.) G.Mans.Muhlenberg's Centaury
Zeltnera trichantha (Griseb.) G.Mans.Alkali Centaury
Zeltnera venusta (A.Gray) G.Mans.Charming Centaury
Zigadenus exaltatus Eastw.Giant Deathcamas
Zigadenus micranthus Eastw.Smallflower Deathcamas
Zizania palustris L.Northern Wildrice
Zostera marina L.seawrack
Zoysia japonica Steud.Korean lawngrass

Page 1 2 3 ... 6 7 8 of 8 pages with 3571 plants, 500 per page.

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