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Scientific NameCommon NameMap‡
Corallorhiza trifida ChatelainYellow Coralroot
Oenothera flava (A. Nelson) Garrettyellow evening primrose
Iris pseudacorus L.Yellow Flag Iris
Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roem. & Schult.yellow foxtail
Agastache nepetoides (L.) KuntzeYellow Giant Hyssop
Hieracium fendleri Sch. Bip.yellow hawkweed
Lonicera flava SimsYellow Honeysuckle
Glaucium flavum CrantzYellow Hornpoppy
Abutilon malacum S. Watsonyellow Indian mallow
Castilleja flava S. WatsonYellow Indian Paintbrush
Sorghastrum nutans (L.) NashYellow Indiangrass
Saxifraga hirculus L.Yellow Marsh Saxifrage
Reseda lutea L.yellow mignonette
Cyperus esculentus L.Yellow Nutsedge
Trisetum flavescens (L.) P. Beauv.yellow oatgrass
Orthocarpus luteus Nutt.yellow owl's-clover
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus (Hook.) Nutt.yellow rabbitbrush
Tragopogon dubius Scop.yellow salsify
Cleomella lutea (Hook.) Roalson & J.C.HallYellow Spiderflower
Galium verum L.Yellow Spring Bedstraw
Centaurea solstitialis L.yellow star-thistle
Oenothera serrulata Nutt.Yellow Sundrops
Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam.Yellow sweetclover
Ranunculus flabellaris Raf.Yellow Water Buttercup
Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.yellow widelip orchid
Salix lutea Nutt.yellow willow
Saxifraga bronchialis L.Yellowdot Saxifrage
Oxytropis monticola A. Grayyellowflower locoweed
Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennellyellowseed false pimpernel
Nama xylopodum (Wooton & Standl.) C.L. Hitchc.yellowseed fiddleleaf
Cirsium ochrocentrum A. Grayyellowspine thistle
Alyssum murale Waldst. & Kit.yellowtuft
Baccharis pteronioides DC.yerba de pasmo
Anemopsis californica (Nutt.) Hook. & Arn.yerba mansa
Heterotheca zionensis SempleZion false goldenaster

Page 1 2 3 ... 6 7 8 of 8 pages with 3535 plants, 500 per page.

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Range map status: ∅ = No map,
= Our research
, accurate to lv (1,2,3,4) ecoregions,
= tentative, excludes Canada & Mexico
ERA = auto-generated from ERA data.

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