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Virginia Threeseed Mercury (Acalypha virginica L.)

Also known as virginia copperleaf, virginia mercury.

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Virginia Threeseed Mercury


An inconspicuous weedy annual native to North America. The name of this plant is midsleading; although this species does occur in Virginia, it is more common and abundant both farther north and west. In virginia, at least two other Acalypha species are more common.

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This map is based on our research. We have checked its accuracy to Level 3 ecoregions. Although this plant occurs somewhere in each of these regions, it may only occur in a small part of some or all of them.

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Fairly general in habitat preferences, but more likely to be found in slightly less disturbed habitats than Acalypha rhomboidea.

Found in open woodlands or thin wooded areas, and partly shaded areas around humans. Occasionally found in partly-shaded lawns, and may be able to reproduce in them, especially if mowing is less frequent, but thrives more in borders and weedy patches.

Overlaps in range with several Acalypha species in various parts of its range. A. rhomboidea is more common and widespread in most areas, especially disturbed areas, and A. gracilens usually less so, and more likely to occur in less disturbed habitats. These tendencies, however, are slight, and there is a lot of overlap in where both species occur.

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