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Canada Lettuce (Lactuca canadensis L.)

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Canada Lettuce

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Native or Expanded
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Native or Expanded or Not Present

This tentative map is based on our own research. It may have limited data on Canada and/or Mexico, and there is some subjectivity in our assignment of plants as introduced vs. expanded. Read more in this blog post.

This is a weedy species with wind-dispersed seeds; it thrives in disturbed and degraded habitats. We marked the new western portions of its range expanded, even though they consist of isolated populations separated by large distances, because this plant is expanding on its own and is not intentionally planted, and because these new populations have established relatively consistently across a large region.

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Photo © Ken Kneidel, Public Domain.
Photo © Blake Bringhurst, Public Domain.
Photo © David Hebert, CC BY 4.0.
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Photo © aarongunnar, CC BY 4.0.
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