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Robin's Plantain (Erigeron pulchellus Michx.)

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Robin's Plantain


A perennial favoring slightly dry sites of low soil fertility in open woodlands.

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Found in a variety of open woodland habitats, including open rocky woodlands, partly-wooded bluffs, sand dunes, savannas, streambanks, and woodland clearings. Usually limited to undisturbed sites where the open nature of the habitat persists long-term due to soil conditions.

Found in mesic to dry conditions in a variety of soil types, including clay-loam, rocky soils, and sand, but usually limited to sites where rocks, sand, or otherwise infertile soils limit the growth of competing ground-level vegetation. Often prefers growing on slopes.

Less tolerant of disturbance, poor drainage, full sun, and competition from ground-level vegetation than other Erigeron species.


This species is occasionally cultivated in gardens, and is generally considered the most desireable of the four eastern Erigeron species. It is valued for its showy flowers, low maximum height, and more persistent nature relative to other fleabanes which can be short-lived and unpredictable but also more weedy. It is generally easy to grow in garden and tolerates light shade, drought, and a wide variety of soil conditions but it demands good drainage.

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