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Clustered Blacksnakeroot (Sanicula odorata (Raf.) K.M. Pryer & L.R. Phillippe)

Also known as clustered black snakeroot, clustered sanicle, common black snakeroot, fragrant sanicle.

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Clustered Blacksnakeroot
Photo © Jim Bowhay, Public Domain.


A biennial of rich, deciduous woodlands, favoring sites that have experienced some recent disturbance.

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Found in deciduous woodlands with rich, loamy soil, particularly on sites that have experienced recent disturbance or have gaps letting in more light. Of the Sanicula sp. found in eastern North America, this species is most tolerant of sun, and most tolerant of disturbed and degraded woodlands. It can occur both in rich uplands and bottomlands. In addition to being found in forests, it can also be found in suburban gardens, and shaded fence rows.

Humans have probably increased the habitat for this species through creation of paths through woodlands and replacement of large tracts of mature deciduous forest with smaller forest fragments with more gaps and edge habitat.

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Photo © Nathan Rauh, Public Domain.
Photo © Nathan Rauh, Public Domain.
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Photo © Jim Bowhay, Public Domain.
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