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Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii Buckley)

Also known as Shumard's oak.

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Shumard Oak
Photo © TJ Butler, Public Domain.


A large red oak native to calcium-rich bottomlands in the southeastern to central US.

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Found mostly on moist, well-drained loamy soils, in better-drained portions of bottomlands and adjacent bluffs, but also found on dry uplands and ridges, especially in the southern portions of its range. Strongly associated with calcium-rich soils, such as limestone soils, and tolerant of high soil pH in the more arid parts of its range.

Typically found in mature forests, but as an occasional or uncommon element, usually in isolated trees. Trees usually establish in gaps in mature forests. Absent from early-succesional stages of forests.

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Photo © TJ Butler, Public Domain.
Photo © Nate Martineau, CC BY 4.0.
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