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A Blog To Keep People Updated On Our Progress

April 8th, 2019 by Alex Zorach

This is our first blog post! We hope to use this blog to keep people informed of our progress.

The development of our site has been progressing rapidly. We launched the public part of our site in January, and published our first few plant articles. Shortly thereafter, we imported USDA data for all plants recorded as occurring specifically in New Castle County, DE.

We linked our records to the plant profiles in the USDA Plants database, and began the process of linking to other websites, including the Illinois Wildflowers website (which has some of the best ecological information, including info on plant habitat and growing conditions, and faunal associations), and the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) run by the U.S. National Forest Service, a database with a wealth of ecological information.

We are planning to integrate and link up with more projects in the near future. Some ones on our radar are Missouri Botanical Garden's Plant Finder and the New England Wild Flower Society's Go Botany.

In March, we started a beta test of the interactive features of our website to a limited audience. We have already fixed a bunch of bugs, as well as adding more features, both to the interactive aspects of the site, and to the articles.

Explore the site for yourself!

This photo is from an observation record that is a good example of how information can be submitted and recorded on our site.

If you are interested in a user account to use the site's interactive features, especially if you want to help us beta test it, please sign up for our interest list using the link in the top right corner. You can also sign up if you want to support us some other way, or subscribe to keep informed of our progress