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Northern Basin and Range

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Map Legend & Subregion List

This list will help you navigate the regions in case you have problems with viewing or clicking the interactive map above.

NameColor on MapEPA Code*
Dissected High Lava Plateau80a
Semiarid Hills and Low Mountains80b
High Elevation Forests and Shrublands80c
Pluvial Lake Basins80d
High Desert Wetlands80e
Owyhee Uplands and Canyons80f
High Lava Plains80g
Saltbush-Dominated Valleys80h
Sagebrush Steppe Valleys80i
Semiarid Uplands80j
Partly Forested Mountains80k
Salt Shrub Valleys80l
Barren Playas80m

* This code refers to the US EPA's Level 4 ecoregion codes for the continental U.S., see here.