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Middle Rockies

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Map Legend & Subregion List

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NameColor on MapEPA Code‡
Black Hills Foothills17a
Dry Intermontane Sagebrush Valleys17aa
Dry Gneissic-Schistose-Volcanic Hills17ab
Big Hole17ac
Western Beaverhead Mountains17ad
Forested Beaverhead Mountains17ae
Centennial Basin17af
Pioneer-Anaconda Ranges17ag
Eastern Pioneer Sedimentary Mountains17ah
Elkhorn Mountains-Boulder Batholith17ai
Eastern Divide Mountains17aj
Deer Lodge-Philipsburg-Avon Grassy Intermontane Hills and Valleys17ak
Southern Garnet Sedimentary-Volcanic Mountains17al
Flint Creek-Anaconda Mountains17am
Absaroka Volcanic Subalpine Zone17ao
Sedimentary Subalpine Zone17ap
Black Hills Plateau17b
Black Hills Core Highlands17c
Eastern Gravelly Mountains17d
Barren Mountains17e
Crazy Mountains17f
Mid-elevation Sedimentary Mountains17g
Alpine Zone17h
Absaroka-Gallatin Volcanic Mountains17i
Yellowstone Plateau17j
Granitic Subalpine Zone17k
Gneissic-Schistose Forested Mountains17l
Dry Mid-elevation Sedimentary Mountains17m
High Elevation Valleys17n
Partly Forested Mountains17o
Foothill Potholes17p
Big Snowy-Little Belt Carbonate Mountains17q
Scattered Eastern Igneous-Core Mountains17r
Bitterroot-Frenchtown Valley17s
Limy Foothill Savanna17t
Paradise Valley17u
Big Belt Forested Highlands17v
Townsend Basin17w
Rattlesnake-Blackfoot-South Swan-Northern Garnet-Sapphire Mountains17x
Townsend-Horseshoe-London Sedimentary Hills17y
Tobacco Root Mountains17z

† Status: ✓ = Complete ○ = Needs Image … = Incomplete ∅ = Stub Only

This code refers to the US EPA's Level 4 ecoregion codes for the continental U.S., see here.


Partially Complete
With Images
Complete w/ Images

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